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useful for the masurement of Deoxynivalenol(DON) in cereal and feed

Deoxynivalenol (DON) ELISA kit


Deoxynivalenol(DON) belongs to the trichothecene family mycotoxin and is most produced of Fusarium graminearum. DON often occurs in plant products particularly in cereal. Due to their high cytotoxic and immunosuppressive properties, the toxicological these toxins pose a risk to human and animal health. Accurate determination of the presence of toxin is of major importance to those monitoring the quality of feed and food in which DON may occur.This kit is a simple and easy procedure.kit for detection of DON in cereal, feed with monoclonal antibody.


Feature and Advantages

☆ Outstanding specificity and quantification for detection of DON in cereal and feed.
☆ Measurement in formula feed and fermentation feed such as silage.
☆ High sensitivity measurement (ppb level) equal with analyzer
☆ Specific for DON and 15-acetyl DON

・Assay range : 8.23-6000 ng/mL
・40 samples can be measured with duplicate
・Microtiter plate is divisible strip, 96wells (12 strips, 8 wells)
・Sampling volume is 50μL
・Total reaction time is 1 hrs &10 minutes.
・Store at 2-8℃.The kit is stable for 6 month after the date of manufacture.

< Specificity >
The kit is for quantitative detection of DON in cereal and feed and has outstanding specificity and quantification. The detection procedure is simple, easy and hardly influenced by other protein components. The kit is specific for DON and 15-acetyl DON (see Basic capability).

< Assay principle >
The ELISA kit adopts direct competitive reaction recognizing DON and their derivatives. The capture antibody are coated on the surface of 96 well plate, onto which HRP-labeled DON, anti-DON antibody and DON standard solution or object to be measured are overlaid at once. After reaction, substrate is added to the wells, which reacts with the bound enzyme conjugate to produce blue color. The optical densities (OD) are measured and plotted the standard curve to calculate in the concentration of DON in the object to be measured..

Kit component

Component Form Quantity Contents
A. Antigen coated 96well plate 96well plate 1 plate Capture antibody
B. Don standard B0-B7 at eachConcentration per vial 8 vials Don
C. Enzyme conjugate solution 120 uL 1 vial HRP-labeled DON
D. Enzyme conjugatesolution diluent 6 mL 1 vial Phosphate buffered saline
E. Antibody solution 6 mL 1 vial Phosphate buffered saline containing Anti DON Antibody
F. Substrate for enzymes 12 mL 1 vial 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbe nzidine (TMB)
G. Stop solution 6 mL 1 vial 1N H2SO4
H. Concentrated washing solution 50 mL 1 vial phosphate buffered saline containing Tween20
J. Plate seal   1 sheet  

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

BroadCheck Deoxynivalenol kit

FRL-78700-EX 1KIT

¥ 84,000
$ 1120
€ 840

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.