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A Color Illustrated Anatomy of the Rat

A Color Atlas of Sectional Anatomy of the Rat



A Color atlas of sectional anatomy of the rat

Rats are used to research a wide field including preclinical tests, microbiological research,carcinogenic experiments, nutriology, physiology,toxic tests, pharmacological effectiveness tests, etc. Anatomy is one of the important basic sciences and although much progress has been recently made in the field of human imagingdiagnosis, information on sectional anatomy of experimental animals is lacking at present. We have been carrying out studies along this line in order to publish an atlas using experimental rats. We used a low-speed diamond scroll saw blade to obtain preparations for sectional anatomy.


The highlights of this color atlas are as follows:

1. Cut sections were prepared serially at about 1-3mm intervals (sagittal, dorsal and transverse sections).

2. The specimens were not fixed but kept in a frozen state so that photographic information close to the living state could be obtained.

3. All photographs are in color, and enlarged (A4 version) for detailed observation.

4. The anatomical terms used are in Eng1ish.

5. This atlas provides macro-anatomical photographs making the sectional atlas more comprehensible.

We referred to the following book for making of this book.

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A Color atlas of sectional anatomy of the rat

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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