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Anti Human CD59 (HRF20) Monoclonal Antibody (Clone No. YUK1)


CD59 (also known as HRF20: 20KDa-Homologous restriction factor) is an about 20 kDa glycoprotein and member of membrane-bound complement-regulatory protein (CRP), and prevents formation of the membrane attack complex (MAC) in the terminal stages of complement activation. CRPs inhibit complement-mediated killing of host cells by host complement.

It has been also showed that p53 regulates cellular resistance to complement lysis through enhanced expression of CD59. CRPs are often elevated in malignancy, and enable tumor cells to escape from complement-dependent cytotoxicity. Therefore, expression, overexpression, or loss of these molecules may function as markers of tumor progression and prognosis. This antibody is specific to human CD59 and will be useful for FCM, immunoprecipitation.


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Anti CD59 / HRF20


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Bj?rge L.. et al.:Expression and function of CD59 on colonic adenocarcinoma cells Eur J Immunol. 1994 Jul;24(7):1597-603
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Madjd Z. et al.: Loss of CD59 expression in breast tumours correlates with poor survival J Pathol. 2003 Aug;200(5):633-9.
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Ellison BS. et al.: Complement susceptibility in glutamine deprived breast cancer cells. Cell Div. 2007 Jul 11;2:20

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.