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Anti SDP35 (220D12) Monoclonal antibody


The RhoGAP family encompasses a unique member named SDP35 (also referred to as DEPDC1, DEP8, FLJ20354 or DEPDC1-V2) and pairing with a homologue named XTP1 (also referred to as DEPDC1B, BRCC3 or FLJ11252). The structural-functional properties of SDP35 is still largely unknown, but its structural uniqueness resides in the presence of a domain showing homology with Dishwelled, i.e. the DEP domain (Dishwelled/Pleckstrin-like domain). The presence of this domain suggests that SDP35 might engage in more complex molecular interactions than those involving other members of the family. Another peculiar feature of SDP35 is represented by its atypical GAP domain, which lacks the orthodox “Arg finger” catalytic motif essential for exerting a canonical GAP function. Whereas most RhoGAP family members are either ubiquitously expressed throughout the body, or are concentrated in discrete tissue/organs, SDP35 is overall remarkably poorly represented in most human tissues (as also evidenced by information provided through the Comparative Cancer Genome Project database). SDP35 has been reported to be up-regulated in bladder cancer and numerous cancer cell types.


Recommended use : WB, IHC
  Western blotting : 1/30 1/60, Band at 60 kDa
  Immunohistochemistry, 1/25 to 1/75

Product List

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Anti SDP-35 (2200D12)


¥ 50,000
$ 667
€ 500

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.