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New oxidative stress marker

Anti Nitroguanosine monoclonal antibody

   Oxidative stress marker product TOP


8-Nitroguanosine is a nitrated nucleic acid which is formed by peroxynitrite, myeloperoxidase, nitrite, and peroxide. It is known that the nitration of guanine is enhanced in virus infection1, 2, bacterial infection3, 4, inflammatory disease5, cancers5, and diseases associated with smoking6. 8-nitroguanosine is thought to be one of the makers of DNA damage caused by oxidative stress. Cyclic GMP (cGMP) is one of the important substances for the signal transfer. On the other hand, 8-Nitro-cGMP (nitrated cGMP) has been identified in vivo3. Therefore, 8-Nitro-cGMP can potentially act as a mediator for reactive oxygen signaling3, 7-9. Although the product, Anti-Nitroguanosine monoclonal antibody (NO2G52), does not cross-react with normal nucleotide bases, it selectively reacts with nitro functionalized nucleotides such as nitro-cGMP, nitro-GMP, and nitro-GTP. Therefore, Anti-Nitroguanosine polyclonal antibody is universal antibody of nitrated guanine which modified 8th position of guanine with nitro group. NO2G52 is commonly used for immunostaining. In addition, NO2G52 can potentially utilized for affinity purification of nitroguanine derivative3,6.


Immunohistochemistry, 10 ug/ml
ELISA, 1 ug/ml 

[Production of 8-nitroguanine by airway epithelial cell with ldiopathic Fibrosis (IPS)]

A. 8-nitroguanine (green) and iNOS (red) 
B. Bright-field 
C. 8-nitroguanine (green) and 8-oxoguanine (Red)
D. 8-nitroguanine (green) and mitochondria (red)


[Endogenous guanine nitration in RAW 264.7 cells, a murine macrophage cell line]

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Anti Nitroguanosine


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