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[Cancer Stem Cell]: for the enrichment of CSCs: Anti Human CD44 v9 mAb (RV3) Anti Mouse CD44 v10-e16 mAb (RM1)

CSCs(Cancer Stem Cells) Application Example

Application Example 1. In vitro evaluation of CSCs by “sphere formation assay"

In vitro sphere formation assays are a type of colony formation assay used to evaluate the clonogenic potential of CSCs and other stem cells. and can be used to evaluate the effects of drugs on this potential. The figure below compares the sphere formation ability of CD44 v9-High  and CD44 v9-Low cell populations sorted from a human prostate cancer cell line (PC-3) using anti-human CD44 v9 antibody RV3 (Cat. No. CAC-LKG-M001). The increased number of spheres observed with CD44 v9-High selected cells (CSC enriched) allows for more accurate assessment of the effects of inhibitory drugs and other treatments on CSC sphere formation.

Sphere formation assay with human prostate cancer cell line PC-3

Sphere formation assay with human prostate cancer cell line PC-3

Application Example 2. In vivo evaluation of CSCs by "lung metastasis assay"

Lung metastasis assays, in which tumorigenic cells are injected intravenously into a test animal, offer a convenient opportunity to assess the inhibitory effects of compounds or other treatment on ability of CSC to colonize an unrelated tissue site. However, few lung foci are observed using non-enriched CSC containing populations, making it difficult to obtain meaningful data. Positive selection for high CD44v expression can greatly increase the number of observed foci, greatly increasing the utility of this assay for biological and drug discovery research.

Lung metastasis assay study comparing the ability of CD44 v9-High and CD44 v9-Low expressing cell populations sorted from the human pancreatic cancer cell line AsPC-1 to colonize mouse lung.

CSCs(Cancer StemCells) Application Examples

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Anti CD44v9


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Anti CD44v9

CAC-LKG-M001 100UG

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€ 1000

Anti CD44v10-e16

CAC-LKG-M002 100UG

¥ 100,000
$ 1334
€ 1000

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.