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Excellent DNA Amplification / Allows Hot Start PCR

Blend Taq™ / Blend Taq™ -Plus-

Blend Taq and Blend Taq-Plus- are PCR enzymes based on the method described by Barnes et al. By blending Taq DNA polymerase and other DNA polymerase with proofreading activity in optimal proportions, PCR can be performed with high amplification efficiency and elongation. Blend Taq -Plus - contains another anti-Taq monoclonal antibody, anti-Taq high, so polymerase activity is inhibited at room temperature prior to PCR. This allows Hot Start PCR without any need for extra manipulation, and reduces extra bands, resulting in high specificity PCR. Moreover, the use of PCR products amplified with this enzyme allows TA cloning.


  • PCR
    Blend Taq and Blend Taq -Plus- retain high amplification efficiency and elongation and have especially improved detectability.

1. Comparison of detectability between Blend Taq, Blend Taq -Plus- and other commercially available long PCR enzymes.
PCR was performed with 3.6 kb of Human β-globin gene as a target, using Blend Taq and Blend Taq -Plus - and another company’s long PCR enzyme. 5-40 ng of genomic DNA, 10 pmoles of primer, and 1.25 units of the enzyme in a 50l PCR reaction system were used. Blend Taq and Blend Taq -Plus- exhibited good amplification results even if using only 5 ng of genome and higher amplification efficiency was observed compared to the other company’s long PCR enzyme.

Feature and Advantages

  • Excellent DNA Amplification Efficiency
    Blend Taq and Blend Taq -Plus- allow efficient PCR with a small amount of DNA template.
  • High Elongation
    Blend Taq and Blend Taq -Plus- are modified enzymes based on the method described by Barnes et al, and have improved PCR elongation.
  • Simple Setting of PCR Conditions
    These are PCR enzymes based on Taq DNA polymerase, and allow PCR under the same cycle as Taq DNA polymerase.
  • Hot Start PCR Allows Improved PCR Performance
    Blend Taq -Plus- contains anti-Taq monoclonal antibody so Hot Start PCR can be performed without any need for extra manipulation.

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.