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Auto Radiography Pens for marking DNA ladders

Bio-Imager Pen



The Bio-Imager Pen, which contains a non toxic, phosphorescent writing material is designed to give the clear images on exposure to X-ray film. This allows the recording and positioning of information on membranes, and also provides permanent records. The pen has widespread use in molecular biology reducing waste, saving time and avoids the use of isotopic materials. While the writing material casts a greenish white glow in the dark, it is recharged by light.


Letters or symbols written using the Bio-Imager Pen absorb light when in light conditions and release the energy absorbed as light when in dark conditions. Film is exposed to this light and is developed as an image.


Use pen to record letters or symbols directly on the DNA ladder or on cling wrap covering the DNA markers.

Feature and Advantages

◊Allows easy recording of analytical data on DNA ladders prior to exposure to X-ray film.
Can also be used on cling wrap covering the DNA markers.

◊Water-soluble phosphorescent material (non-toxic, non-radioactive) fluoresces after exposure to light and the exposure/fluorescence process can be repeated multiple times.

◊ No wastage as the fluorescent substance allows simple alignment of written data with the film as a guide.

How to use

To use the Bio-Imager pen, first shake the pen horizontally, and then press the tip straight down several times until fluid starts soaking the tip. The pen is then ready for use. Allow the writing to dry for approximately 1-2 minutes at room temperature, and then expose to the X-ray film. Optimal images are produced in approximately 10-12 hours.

When not in use keep the pen tightly closed, and store in a horizontal position. If required the writing can be erased by the Bio-Solventor pen.




ico_caution_s.pngCaution: Always replace the cap after use.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Bio-Imager Pen


¥ 5,000
$ 67
€ 50

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.