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For fast and simple extraction of high quality DNA from tissue cells, bacteria and meat, blood and plants

DNA extraction reagent : CellEase®II series


The reagent kit that developed for DNA extraction from cells make you easily prepare DNA samples which can be directly use for PCR without any purification steps within only 9 minutes. CellEaseII doesn’t need dilution steps and improves efficient of extraction compare to ordinary CellEase. The method is very simple, you can mix CellEase A and B to the samples then incubate in two steps of temperature.

It is possible to prepare the DNA sample from animal tissue, microorganisms, plant cells and so on. We have several series of kits for animal cell, microorganisms and processed meat. We can provide low cost and easy DNA extraction kit for not only laboratory use but also risk management for contamination controlin food industry.

DNA extraction reagent CellEase II series flyer download[PDF]


<DNA extraction and detection from mouse tail samples>


M :Marker (100bp ladder)
1 :CellEaseII, Extracted solution was undiluted
2 :CellEaseII, Extracted solution was ×10 diluted
3 :CellEaseII, Extracted solution was ×100 diluted
4 :Conventional CellEase , Extracted solution was undiluted
5 :Conventional CellEase , Extracted solution was ×10 diluted
6 :Conventional CellEase , Extracted solution was ×100 diluted

Instruction manual PDFPDF

Feature and Advantages

Rapid and efficient DNA extraction
Easy and simple protocol to prepare PCR grade template DNA
Low cost
Use for laboratory as well as food industry

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

CellEase Tissue II

BIC-BCR10-00001 50RXN

¥ 22,000
$ 294
€ 220

CellEase Bacteria II

BIC-BCR10-00002 50RXN

¥ 22,000
$ 294
€ 220

CellEase Meat II

BIC-BCR10-00003 50RXN

¥ 22,000
$ 294
€ 220

CellEase Blood

BIC-BCR11-00001 50RXN

¥ 22,000
$ 294
€ 220

CellEase Plant

BIC-BCR11-00002 50RXN

¥ 22,000
$ 294
€ 220

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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