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Anti HIV-1 p24 Polyclonal Antibody


HIV-1 Gag p24 is a capsid protein that constitutes the core of AIDS virus HIV-1 and is produced by digestion of its precursor Gag p55 by HIV-1 protease. This protein is indispensable to the reproduction of AIDS virus and constitutes an essential element for the AIDS virus particle construction (1). p24 is used as a marker antigen for observing the patient’s condition after treatment, as it indicates the amount of virus in the blood. The product is prepared by immunizing rabbit with recombinant p24 protein which was over-expressed in E. coli with a plasmid carrying the Gag p24 coding region of HIV-1 virus, subtype B(2), and was highly purified by several steps of chromatography (3).

Using this antiserum in Western blotting, the bands of 24 kD, 55 kD and 41 kD corresponding respectively to HIV-p24 and its precursors p55 and p41 were observed in the extract of the AIDS virus infected cells (Fig. 1). This product is a biotinylated IgG ([biotin]/[IgG] = 8.0) produced from the IgG fraction of rabbit anti-p24 serum.


Other applications have not been tested.

Recommended dilutions Optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

Fig.1 Detection of HIV-1 p24 and precursor proteins p55 and p41 by Western blotting using the anti p24 antibody.

The antiserum was diluted 2,500 fold.
Lane 1: Extract of MT4 cells
Lane 2: Extract of MT4 cells infected with HIV-1(LAI strain).
Various precursors of p24 are also detected.



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Anti HIV-1 p24

BAM-65-021-EX 100UG

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1) Freed EO “HIV-1 gag proteins: diverse functions in the virus life cycle” Virology 251:1-15 (1998) Review PubMed ID: 9813197
2) Adachi A et al “Production of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome-associated retrovirus in human nonhuman cells transfected with an infectious molecular clone” J Virol 59: 284 -291(1986) PubMed ID: 3016298
3) Saito A et al “Overproduction, purification, and diagnostic use of the recombinant HIV-1 Gag proteins, the precursor protein p55 and the processed products p17, p24, and p15” Microbiol Immunol 39:473-483 (1995) PubMed ID: 8569532

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.