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AteloCell® Series are perfectly suitable for cell culture from daily cell maintenance to fundamental research of regenerative medicine.

AteloCell® Series: TOP


AteloCell® series offers solution, sponge, membrane products made from highly purified collagen. Derived from atelocollagen, AteloCell® products for cell culture are recognized worldwide for their functional design, purity, and superior performance.

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Collagen Acidic Solutions containing highly purified type I collagen derived from bovine dermis, are kept in acid-state and hence long-term refrigeration storage is possible. On the other hand, Neutral Solutions are adjusted to neutral and various culture mediums are contained and therefore solutions gelate at 37 degrees. As neither product includes bioactive substance derived from cells, nucleic aced, and MMP, etc. unlike a soluble basement membrane adjusted product, experimental results can be evaluated clearly.

Atelocollagen and Native collagen Solutions

Atelocollagen neutral solution (pH 7.4) containing highly purified atelocollagen derived from bovine dermis.

Atelocollagen Neutral Solutions

The collagen sponge for cell culturing is a collagen-based device developed for three-dimensional cell culturing. The collagen porous sponge is prepared from a insoluble type I collagen that is derived from bovine Achilles tendon. Cells can penetrate into the sponge and proliferate three-dimensionally. This technique is very useful for tissue engineering studies.

・ Collagen sponge is a porous but “non-honeycomb” collagen sponge developed for three-dimensional cell culturing and tissue enginnering studies. It is prepared from an insoluble type I collagen derived from bovine Achilles tendon.

Collagen sponge for 35mm culture dish

・ Atelocollagen sponge is also a porous but “non-honeycomb” collagen sponge sheet made of highly purified type I Atelocollagen derived from bovine dermis. Ideal for tissue engineering studies and other applications.

Atelocollagen sponge

Atelocollagen sponge MIGHTY consists primarily of type I atelocollagen derived from bovine dermis and is strong enough to withstand compressive loading of up to 30kPa (single time).
Culturing cells in MIGHTY under cyclic compressive loading (cyclic load of 10 to 20kPa) provides more in vivo-like environment to evaluate cell function. MIGHTY is also applicable as a scaffold for conventional 3D cell culture.

Atelocollagen sponge MIGHTY

The 'Honeycomb' collagen sponge has a structure in which uniform pores (200-400 μm) are arranged densely in one direction, into which cells can penetrate and proliferate. This structure facilitates the ready supply of nutrients to the cells inside the sponge, and releases metabolic wastes and biochemical products. Cells can proliferate and fill the lumen to form a uniform cell mass.

・ Atelocollagen Honeycomb Sponge is a 2 mm cube with applications including cell scaffolding for 3-D cell culture and high density cell culture substrate for tissue engineering.

Atelocollagen Honeycomb Sponge Atelocollagen Honeycomb Sponge

・ Honeycomb Disk 96 is a disk-shaped atelocollagen sponge with a diameter of 6 mm, ideal for high density culture in 96-wel l plates and high throughput screening.

Atelocollagen Honeycomb Disc 96 Atelocollagen Honeycomb Disc 96

Permeable collagen membrane is specially developed from highly purified bovine dermal type I Atelocollagen for single and double layer tissue culture studies. It is particularly suitable for studying the molecular interactions between two different cell types by culturing on both sides of the membrane. It is potentially useful for the study of artificial organs and in the emerging field of tissue engineering. The membrane is permeable and allows free passage of amino acids and small molecules, which is important for the absorption and exchange of molecules through the membrane using cell polarity.

Atelocollagen permeable membrane for 50mm culture dish

Amino acid and other small molecular can move freely through the permeable collagen membrane. Suitable for culture of primary epithelial cells and cell interactin studies.

Atelocollagen, Permeable membrane for 6-well, 24-well culture plate

Amino acid and other small molecular can move freely through the permeable collagen membrane. Suitable for culture of primary epithelial cells and cell interactin studies.

Atelocollagen, Permeable membrane for 6-well, 24-well culture plate

β-calcium phosphate (β-TCP) is generally used as bone prosthetic material due to its superior osteoconductive property. β-TCP is coated with atelocollagen that shows high biocompatibility. Atelocollagen coated β-TCP scaffold acts as a carrier for cell culture and transplant, and is suitable for in vitro /in vivo osteoinduction experiments using osteogenesis related factors.

Atelocollagen coated β-TCP scaffold

Type II collagen is extracted from bovine cartilage

Atelocollagen powder for research is a highly purified, bovine dermal type I atelocollagen applicable to various purposes.

Atelocollagen powder

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.