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Screening Service for active compounds- Cytotoxicity and Cytostatic Test


Assay services based on cytotoxicity are available with variety of cell lines derived from human or animals for screening of active compounds. We can accept cell based screening with listed (see Cell line List) or custom cell lines using compound library or evaluation test of extract, fraction and purified compounds provided from the customer.

Service Overview

  • Service for colony formation inhibition test
  • Test of inhibition rate determining plating efficiency (PE). The value reflects rate of colony formation compared blank control as 100%. This test method is suitable for detailed investigation of toxicity/ activity with smaller scale samples.
  • Cell growth inhibition test
  • Test of inhibition activity counting living cells with WST-B as chromogenic substrate, newly developed tetrazolium salt generates soluble formazan showing high sensitivity. This method is suitable for screening for larger scale samples in short term.

List of Cell Lines

from Human
Cell Line
HepG2 hepatic carcinoma
PANC-1 pancreatic carcinoma
HEC293 embryonic kidney
BRISTOL 8 B lymphoblasts
CACO-2 colonic carcinoma
MDA-MB-453 mammary carcinoma
K562 chronic myelogenous leukemia
UET7T-9 mesenchymal stem cell
HeLa cervical carcinoma
MCF-7 breast carcinoma
NB-1 neuroblastoma

from Animal
Cell Line
NTH3T3 fetal fibroblast
CHO ovarian cells

*Other cell lines not listed are negotiable. Please inquire.

For more details or special requests,