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APT3 Touch Burner - Troubleshooting

Problems you may encount when using APT3.
If you can not find solutions to your problems here, please contact us.





Troubleshooting Guide


  Problem Suggestions
1 Does not spark        Check the battery
(ie: old battery, inserted in wrong direction,)
Check the connector if it is disconnected.
(Refer the instruction of cleaning a burner pipe step 3.).
2 It sparks but doesn't ignite      Check inside burner pipe to see if any dusts are clogging burner pipe.
(Refer the instruction of "cleaning a burner pipe").
Try adjusting a fire power with flame adjusting plate.
If firepower is too strong or too weak, it may not ignite. Check if a gas is filled in. Try filling gas slightly.
3 It ignites but goes off quickly Flame is not stable. For research use only.
Check if fire power is too strong.
Try adjusting fire power lower.
Check if a gas is filled in.
If a remaining amount of a gas is low, fire power may not stabilize.
Shortly after you filling a gas, pressure in a gas container is not stable therefore flame may not stabilize.
Please forbear from using the product for 5 minutes after filling a gas.

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Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Touch Burner APT-3


¥ 27,000
$ 360
€ 270

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.