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Anti Osteopontin (OPN)


Osteopontin (Early T-Lymphocyte Activation-1: Eta-1) is a highly phosphorylated and glycosylated phosphoprotein that is expressed in many tissues and has a variety of function, cell adhesion, inhibition of calcium oxalate crystal growth and intracellular signalling. . Osteopontin(OPN) has a cell surface-binding sequence (RGDS), a thrombin cleavage site, many asparatic acid residues, and a number of phosphorylation site. We provide you native form OPN, the monoclonal antibodies and ELISA kit. Human Milk Osteopontin(OPN) is purified from the human first milk by two-step purification procedure as an intact form (50kDa - 80kDa). Anti-OPN monoclonal antibodies were prepared with this native form OPN.

Feature and Advantages

Product : Anti-OPN Monoclonal Antibody
Features : Prepared with native OPN
There are several kinds of clones (See Epitope Analysis)
Use : Detection of native OPN or this fragments with ELISA, western blotting analysis.

Application Examples

Western Blotting analysis with monoclonal antibody from hybridoma clone 8H4. Western Blotting with clone 5D10 Western Blotting with clone 8E5

Clone Name GST/OPN-a GST/OPN-b GST/OPN-c GST/OPN-d GST/OPN-e Purified human milk OPN
2B4 O O O O x O
(IgG1 K)
O O O O x O
O O O x x O
6E5 O O O x O O
7A8 x x x x x O
8B12 O
(IgG1 K)
O O x O x O
8H4 O x x x x O
10G7 x x x x x O
12D4 O O O O x O
17C5 O O x O x O

O : reacts, △ : reacts weakly, x : none react, note : 6C3 recognized Thrombin Cleavage Site.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Anti Osteopontin

LSL-LB-4225 100UL

¥ 50,000
$ 667
€ 500

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