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Anti Medaka Vitellogenin Monoclonal Antibody [Clone No. 3C1]


Vitellogenin (Vg) is a precurser of egg york and detected female serum near ovulation. Vg is usually synthesized by effect of estrogen (female hormone) in the female liver in the vitellogenic stage, is taken in the egg through the blood inside and composes the yolk protein.
Vg is not detected in male serum, but treated with 17β-estradiol, Vg is detectable in male serum. Recently, Vg is paid to attention as a biomarker of the environmental endocrine disruptor that exists in environmental water such as rivers.


<cross reactivity>
  Mummichog Carp Red sea bream Medaka
ELISA (+) (-) (-) (-)
Immunoblotting (+) (-) (-) (-)

Antigen :
Medaka vitellogenin was purified from female serum.Red sea bream and mummichog vitellogenins were purified from male fish indused with 17 β-estradiol. Each antigen were diluted to 5μg/mL and added to microtiter plate.
Primary antibody : Purified monoclonal antibody(3C1)
Working dilution : 0.1〜0.5μg/mL (Fixed quantity system by ELISA has not been established.)

Sample :
Plasma(dilution 1:40)from female fish (carp) or male fish induced with 17β-estradiol(red sea bream,mummichog and medaka)
Primary antibody : 3C1 diluted 1:100000
Working dilution : 0.01~0.1μg/mL


Package Size 100μg(100μl/vial)
Format Mouse monoclonal antibody 1.0mg/ml
Buffer 10mM sodium phosphate , 0.15M sodium chloride , 1%BSA , pH7.4
Storage Store below 20°C.
Once thawed, store at 4°C. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles should be avoided.
Clone No. 3C1
Subclass IgG1
Immunogen souce Mwdaka vitellogenin purified from serum of 17β-estradiol treated serum and ascite

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Anti Vitellogenin

KAL-KH006 100UG

¥ 42,000
$ 560
€ 420

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