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Anti human RanBPM polyclonal antibody


RanBPM (RanBP9) was identified as a protein that interact with small GTP-binding protein Ran and forms a 670 kD multiprotein complex. The protein consists of 729 amino acids and is identified by western blotting as an apparent molecular mass of 95 kD (see below). It is involved in nucleation of microtubule and control of cell growth by interacting with many protein factors.
This antiserum was raised by immunizing a recombinant fusion protein containing the region of RanBPM from Phe133 to Tyr 229.


1. Western blotting (2,000 dilution)
2. Immunoprecipitation
3. Indirect immuno-staining of RanBPM in cell

Western blotting of crude extracts of HeLa and U2OS cells with anti-BPM serum 5M

1. Nishitani H et al. Gene 272: 571 (2001)
2. Umeda M et al. Gene 303:47 (2003)    

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.