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Anti-DNA polymerase δ p66 monoclonal antibody


Polymeraseδis one of the three essential DNA polymerases of eukaryotes for chromosome replication, and also involved in nucleotide excision repair, base excision repair and VDJ recombination (1, 2). p66 is a functionally important subunit of human polymeraseδ, stabilizes polymeraseδ complex and increases the affinity of polymeraseδfor PCNA (3).
This product is the IgG fraction purified from serum-free culture medium of mouse hybridoma (2A1C11) by propriety chromatography under mild conditions.


1)  Western blotting
2)  Immunoprecipitation

Fig. Detection of p66 protein of polymerase δ by Western blotting.
Lane 1 Extract of MCF7 cells.
The antiserum was diluted 2000 fold before use.

1. Hindges R and Hubscher U Biol. Chem. 378, 345-362 (1997)
2. Johnson A and O’Donnell M. Annu Rev Biochem 74: 283 (2005)
3. Shikata K et al. J. Biochem. 129, 699-708 (2001)

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Anti DNA polymerase (DELTA) subunit p66

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