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Anti DNA polymerase β polyclonal antibody


DNA polymeraseβ is a distributive polymerase involved in base excision repair which repairs damaged DNA by excising modified bases (oxidized, methylated, deaminated etc.) (1). It has single-strand DNA binding and deoxyribose phosphodiesterase activities on the N-terminal side, and nucleotidyltransferase activity on the C-terminal side. The enzyme is constitutively expressed in growing cells but the level of expression is further increased by treatment with alkylating reagents such as MNNG and MMS.


1)  Western blotting (0.2~1 ug /ml)
2)  Immunoprecipitation

Fig.1.Western blot analysis of recombinant DNA polymeraseβ(rat) with this antibody

Fig.2. Identification of human DNA polymeraseβ in the crude extract of MCF7 cell by western blotting using this antibody.

1. Friedberg EC, et al. DNA Repair and Mutagenesis
2. Date T. et al. Biochemistry 27: 2983 (1988)