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Anti-EDD / UBR5 antibody


We provide service of macromolecules imaging including proteins in various states at the single molecule-level by combining conventional electron tomography and a specifically designed 3D reconstruction program known as COMET. The current resolution of a 3D image produced by this technique is approximately 1.5nm and the resolution is steadily improving. For decades, pharmaceutical companies have studied the structure of proteins on the surface of human cells to develop drugs that latch onto the proteins and block the entry of a virus or bacteria. The new technology also allows visualization of protein complexes and their dynamics, serving as an alternative solution to the study of biological samples that are difficult or impossible to crystallize. The ultimate goal of imaging protein structures is to provide data for new drug design. By utilizing data obtained by the new technology at various stages of the drug development, pharmaceutical companies will be able to analyze drug candidates efficiently and effectively.


Protein structural analysis: features and main advantages

・Reconstructing a 3D-image of a protein in about 1.5 nm resolution
・No need to crystallize samples (vitrification of the sample, free of stain)
・No upper limit to the size of macromolecular complex (even cells)
・Providing analysis reports along with the data
・Small amount of sample

Protein structural analysis: flow

1. Receiving orders
2. Receiving samples from the customer
3. Prepare the sample to set in the cryo-electron microscope (Titan Krios, FEI)
4. Verifiying the position of a molecule to obtain the image data using Cryo-EM
5. Collecting the data from cryo-electron microscope
6. Rebuild the 3D image in about 1.5nm resolution from the obtained data, using COMET software
7. Summarizing analyses reports
8. Explain/illustrate the analysis results to the customer

Advantage of the technology

Each molecule is imaged in its particular conformation

-Possible to visualize proteins without crystallization! (More than 80% of proteins are considered to be difficult to obtain crystals

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Anti EDD / UBR5

BAM-70-501EX 100UG

¥ 31,000
$ 414
€ 310

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.