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Antibody Transfection Reagent, high transfection efficiency


It can easily deliver antibodies into living cells efficiently by using artificial cell-penetrating peptide, inhibiting cytotoxicithy.




Since it has high membrane penetration activity and IgG binding strength, various animal species and IgG can be introduced into a live cell efficiently.


To deliver antibodies into living cells.

Feature and Advantages

☆High introduction efficiency

[goat rabbit] Plolyclonal antibodies → transfection efficiency:over 90%!

[Mouse] monoclonal antibodiy IgG1 → transfection efficiency:over 80%!

[Mouse] monoclonal antibody IgG2a → transfection efficiency:over 85%!

☆ Very low cytotoxicity
☆Bind to the antigen inside of the cell (functional expression)
☆Ready-to-use. Easy and quick procedure.
☆It can introduce antigen
☆Long-term preservation is possible 

Other Features
☆ Suitable for use with 10% serum-containing media.
☆Stable at long-term preservation 4℃ for six months. 
☆The activity does not decrease after 10 times to freezing and thawing.
☆Suitable for transfection of florescent-labeled or enzyme-conjugated antibodies.
☆Cell strain with the introduction results (It will be added at any time)

Cell strain  Origin
Hela Human Cervical Cancer
A-431 Epithelioid Cancer
3T3-L1 Human Fibroblast
3Y1 Rat Fibroblast
COS-7 African green monkey kidney

Kit component

P-101-25 :  12.5ul ×1
P-101-100 : 12.5ul ×4 

 product Code No.   Standard number of reactions(24well plate; 1ug IgG/well)  
 PTN-P-101-25  25 reactions  
 PTN-P-101-100  100 reactions  



It is suitable for these experiments.

For example,
・Observation for target material localization in the living cells
・To restrain  the cell function by introducucing neutralizing antibodies
・Live cell imaging
・Screening for neutralizing antibody

Verified data 1


Two hours after introductiontn to HeLa cell, fix a cell , and observes the fluorescence of antiNPC antibody (mouse IgG1) by cofocus laser microscope after processing with 594 Alexa marks antimouse IgG antibody.

Verified data 2


Mix with GFP with an antiGFP antibody (rabbit IgG). Add Ab-Carrier in reaction liquid after a one hour reaction at room temperature. React at room temperature for 20 minutes. Add reaction liquid in a cell. After incubation under 37℃, 5% CO2 existence for four hours, it is observed the fluorescence by cofocus laser microscope.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price


PTN-P-101-25 25TEST

¥ 21,000
$ 280
€ 210


PTN-P-101-100 100TEST

¥ 69,000
$ 920
€ 690

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.