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Human Collagen Type I

Natural form of human type 1 atlo-collagen derived from nomal human fibroblast cell culture. It is not recombinant but naturally occurring type.

Concentration 1mg/mL
Purity Single band in SDS-PAGE
Content: Not less than 98 %
Product Code/Amount EC1-R105/0.1mg

Feature and Advantages

Soluble collagen released in the culture conditioned medium.
Only two bands of α1 and α2 chains are detected in a electrophoresis. It doesn't contain β and γ chains.

【About β and γ chains】 Collagen molecules consist of two α1 chains and one α2 chain and form a triple helix structure. When a tissue-extracted collagen sample is applied to SDS-PAGE, several bands representing binding of α chains to β and γ chains can be detected in addition to the bands representing α1 chain and α2 chain. Our collagen product does not contain β and γ chains.

Amino Acid Analysis

# Please note that the specifications and the prices above are those of reagents for research purpose only.
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Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Collagen type 1 (Atelo-collagen)

ACE-EC1-R105-EX 0.1ML

¥ 20,000
$ 267
€ 200

Collagen type 1 (Atelo-collagen)

ACE-EC1-R205-EX 0.5ML

¥ 50,000
$ 667
€ 500