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Gelatin Fiber Scaffold for 3D tissue architecture



   Collaborated with Prof. TABATA's Laboratory, Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University


  • 100% Gelatin nonwoven having a specialized structure
  • Easy handling in wet condition owing to its high tenacity (strength) and Good shape holding during cell cultivation
  • Translucent and Observable during cell cultivation
  • Adjustable thickness and stiffness for various experimental conditions by custom-made
  • Good supply of nutrition and oxygen via hydrogel


  • Cells adhere to intersections of fibers followed by proliferation along the fibers
  • Voids between fibers are filled with proliferating cells

3-D scaffold for cell cultivation


  • Cell aggregates were formed after the scaffolds disappeared by ECM. Diameter of the aggregates were more than 1mm
  • Many living cells were observed even inside the aggregates

Cell sheet lamination


  • Easy and smooth stacking of cell sheets can be achieved by adhering cell sheet on the gelatin fiber scaffold
  • Cell viability was improved by using gelatin nonwovens


  • The product listed below are samples with charge. When purchasing these samples, Please complete the request form and send us by Fax or e-mail.
  • Only one sample per laboratory
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List of samples with charge
Catalog No. Size Description Qty
1 NIK-GCS-10005BS1 Sheet type  φ5mm (48well)  Genocel TM sample 1pc
2 NIK-GCS-10005BS3 Sheet type  φ5mm (48well) Genocel TM sample 3pc
3 NIK-GCS-10008BS1 Sheet type  φ8mm (24well) Genocel TM sample 1pc
4 NIK-GCS-10008BS3 Sheet type  φ8mm (24well) Genocel TM sample 3pc
5 NIK-GCB-35004FS1 Block type   φ4mm Genocel TM sample 1pc
6 NIK-GCB-35004FS3 Block type   φ4mm Genocel TM sample 3pc

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity

Genocel Sheet type (PHI)8mm(24well)

NIK-GCS-10008B 3PC

Genocel Sheet type (PHI)5mm(48well)

NIK-GCS-10005B 3PC

Genocel Block type (PHI)4mm

NIK-GCB-35004F 3PC

Genocel Sheet type (PHI)5mm(48well) Sample

NIK-GCS-10005BS1 1PC

Genocel Sheet type (PHI)5mm(48well) Sample

NIK-GCS-10005BS3 3PC

Genocel Sheet type (PHI)8mm(24well) Sample

NIK-GCS-10008BS1 1PC

Genocel Sheet type (PHI)8mm(24well) Sample

NIK-GCS-10008BS3 3PC

Genocel Block type (PHI)4mm Sample

NIK-GCB-35004FS1 1PC

Genocel Block type (PHI)4mm Sample

NIK-GCB-35004FS3 3PC

To be used for research only.
DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.