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Frozen Cell Disruption in closed container

Automill - Frozen Cell Disruptor


Before extraction of proteins, DNA and RNA

Automill is a machine for the purpose of crushing various frozen samples easily.
By using Automill, you can prevent the samples from scattering and also from contamination because the samples are crushed in closed containers.
As the samples are crushed after frozen in liquid nitrogen, you don't have to worry about heat denaturation.
Improved efficiencies will speed up your entire process!
  • Temperature (-196°C to 50°C)is indicated.
  • Compact but strong power
  • Soundproof construction

How to Use

  1. Put sample to tube, set crusher and close the tube.
  2. Set the tubes to tube block.
  3. Cool the tube block in liquid nitrogen until bubbling stops almost completely.
  4. Set the tube block to Automill body, and set pressing lid.
  5. Close cover, set the duration and speed of crushing, and press start button. After crushing, it stops automatically. Open the cover and collect tubes.
  6. Open the tubes and remive the crushers.
  7. In the tubes, only samples are remaining, which are ready for extraction or analysis.


Size W220 × D310 × H315 mm
Weight Approximately 10 kg
Crushing Speed Adjustable up to 2,500 rpm
Duration of Crushing Settable from 1 ∼ 999 seconds
Voltage 100-240V
The plug head is for Japan. Please replace it as needed.


There are two types of adapters for Automill body. Choose one according to your experiments.

1. Automill Stainless Adapter

The containers are made of stainless, and are suitable to crush hard and big samples such as plastics, bones, teeth, seeds and woods.

2. Automill 2mLX48 Adapter

You can crush 48 samples in 2 mL disposable tubes at once. The amount of sample treated is 0.1 ∼ 0.2 mL per one tube.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

Automill Body


¥ 966,000
$ 12880
€ 9660

Automill Stainless Adapter


¥ 210,000
$ 2800
€ 2100

Automill 2mLX48 Adapter


¥ 210,000
$ 2800
€ 2100

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.