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3D Cell Culturing Products Top

3D cell culturing models in vivo cells more accurately as cells are permitted to proliferate or interact with its surroundings in all three dimensions. During the past two decades, 2D Cell Culturing has been the predominant method. However, by adding a third dimension to the cell’s environment to resemble the living organism, more useful and physiologically relevant research data can be obtained.

Solutions for 3D Cell Culture

Cosmo Bio offers several unique solutions for 3D Cell Culture. Below is a guide that covers the products depending on their method of what is being used as a scaffold for 3D Cell Culturing.


• Solubilized by protease
• Physical properties virtually identical to those of natural, unsolubilized collagen.
• High purity, biocompatibility, high placiticy and high safety. 

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(Mebiol® Gel)

• Diverse class of polymeric materials characterized by their network-like structure and high water content. 

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• An anionic polysaccharide derived from cell walls of brown algae.
• Forms a gel in the presence of calcium and liquefy to a solution upon addition of a calcium chelating agent.

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• A polysaccharide polymer produced by alkali processing (deacetylation) of chitin, which is a natural material found in living things such as shellfish (shrimp, crab), insects and mushrooms.
• Degree of biocompatibility and biodegradibility can be designed by controlling the molecular weight of Chitosan and the degree of deacetylation, conversion rate to the Chitosan.

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3D Cell Culture Plate

• VECELL® 3D Cell Culture Plate provides environment close to in vivo and cells can proliferate naturally. High porosity membrane allows culture medium pass through freely, so each cell is surrounded by culture medium which makes cells keep natural shapes. Unlike cells cultured on plastic dish, they do not form spheroids. Gas permeable membrane makes exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which makes cells to be cultured for a longtime.

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.