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Company History

Mar. 1978 Founded as Biochemical group, Technological Development Division, Maruzen Oil Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1983 Founded Maruzen Oil Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1986 Changed company name to Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2000 Separated from Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. through a management buy-out (MBO)
Aug. 2004 Established Cosmo Bio USA Inc. in San Diego
Sep. 2005 Initial Public Offering to JASDAQ Market.
Nov. 2006 Purchased majority stake in Primary Cell, Co., Ltd. (100% in 2008)
Jul. 2007 Purchased 30% of stake in BM Equipment, Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2010 Purchased 33% of stake in BM Equipment, Co., Ltd.
Own 63% of the BM Equipment, Co., Ltd’s stock
Jan. 2013 Distribution center expansion and relocation
Jul. 2013 Absorbed Primary Cell, Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2017 Opened Sapporo Site as R&D / manufacturing base of own Products.