Privacy Policy

Privacy protection

We seek to manage your personal information carefully on our website to protect your privacy.
You will upon a visit to our website need to provide personal information to access some services such as requests for data, applications for seminars, and inquiries.

We plan to provide information, which may be interesting to you, through email, direct mail, etc., based on the information you have provided unless otherwise indicated by you upon registration.

Please update your status on the User ID Registration/Change screen concerning any unwanted information.

<Treatment of personal information collected on our website>

We provide proper management and take the utmost care in preventing the disclosure, loss, or damage of your personal information according to the personal information protection policy mentioned above.

You may provide personal information at your own discretion; personal information collected will be used only for the purposes listed below, which also will not be disclosed, provided, sold, or shared with any third party (except for our consignees) without your consent.*1

Purposes of using personal information are as follows:

Improve products and services; Provide information on seminars which we plan and participate in; Provide data, etc., requested by you; Provide information on new services and products; Provide other information for you as necessary.

*1 However, we may provide information within the limits necessary in the following cases:

  • When required by law, etc.;
  • When necessary and urgent for the protection of human lives or property.

Also, unintended identification of individuals through information other than personally identifiable information shall not be considered a disclosure of personal information to a third party.

We will accept your requests at the following Information Counter for disclosure, correction, or deletion of your registered information; we will properly respond after you provide identification at the Information Counter.

Personal Information Manager: General Affairs Department Director

Information Counter for Personal Information

Customer Counter, General Affairs Department

Phone; +81-3-5632-9600
Fax; +81-3-5632-9613