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Please try! L-Glutamine and 3 biomarker assay kits 50% discount campaign [Code: 1078]

This Offer starts from November 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018
Except for USA customers. Customers in the USA, please contact Cosmo Bio USA, Inc

L-Glutamine and 3 biomarker assay kits

Useful for the research of a role in measurement of L-glutamine, Rat/Mouse SP-D, S100A9, and OCT.

Product List
Description Cat. No. Size List Price Discount Campaign Price
Rat/Mouse Surfactant Protein D ELISA Kit YMS-80072-EX 96TEST ¥192,000 50% ¥96,000
L-Glutamine Assay Kit YMS-80116 1KIT ¥160,000 50% ¥80,000
S100A9 Assay Kit YMS-80126-EX 96TEST ¥229,000 50% ¥114,500
OCT Assay Kit YMS-80127-EX 66TEST ¥229,000 50% ¥114,500