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Reasonable COSMO COMBO limited offer come with FERTIUP CPA + FERTIUP PM + CARD MEDIUM

*** Mouse IVF Starter Combination Set (Code: 1068) offer from March 1st to June 30th, 2017 ***

Except for USA customers. Customers in the USA, please contact Cosmo Bio USA, Inc

We are pleased to offer Mouse IVF Combination Set at a special value set price for Mouse Sperm Cryopreservation & IVF success for a limited time.

Description Cat. No. Size Components List Price Special Price
Mouse IVF Combination Set KYD-123SET-EX 1 SET 1) FERTIUP® Cryoprotectant: 0.5 mL

2) FERTIUP® Preincubation Medium: 0.5 mL

¥19,600 ¥15,000
Mouse IVF Combination Large Set KYD-123SET-L-EX 1 SET 1) FERTIUP® Cryoprotectant: 1 mL

2) FERTIUP® Preincubation Medium: 1 mL

¥25,000 ¥18,000

FERTIUP® and CARD MEDIUM® are valuable reagents to improve the recovery in vitro fertilization efficiency of laboratory mice.

  1. FERTIUP® Cryoprotectant (KYD-001-EX
    Reagent used to freeze sperm for storage.
  2. FERTIUP® Preincubation Medium (KYD-002-EX
    Reagent used to pre-incubate sperm after thawing from frozen state. To perform before IVF.
  3. CARD MEDIUM® Mouse Fertilization Medium (KYD-003-EX
    Medium used for IVF

Usage of FERTIUP® alone will lead to higher fertilization rates, but combined usage with CARD MEDIUM® will lead to even higher fertilization rates and success.

Feature and Advantages 

Combined usage of FERTIUP® Cryoprotectant, FERTIUP® Preincubation Medium
and CARD MEDIUM® Mouse Fertilization Medium and offers the
following benefits:

  •  High fertilization rate (over 80%)
  •  Improvements in the management of genetically modified mice (Tg/KO)
  •  Reduction in labor, facilities, and breeding cost.
  •  Reduction in time required to expand a mouse colony
  •  Efficient production of strains which are notoriously difficult to breed

FERTIUP® and CARD MEDIUM® flyer download 

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