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Anti Exosome Antibodies Refer a Friend 20% discount Campaign

*** "Anti Exosome Antibodies" Refer a Friend 20% discount Campaign offer from March 1st to June 30th, 2017 ***

Exosome are cell-derived vesicles formed by a lipid bilayer membrane, and its diameter is 40-100 nm. Exosomes are observed in body fluid, such as saliva, blood, urine, amniotic fluid, malignant ascites, and are secreted from cultured cells. Recently, it has been shown that exosomes include various proteins and RNAs, which have a possibility to function in intercellular signal transduction. These products are the antibodies which can specifically detect CD9, CD63 and CD81 known as exosome markers. These antibodies are suitable for isolation of exosome by immunoprecipitation.

How to apply?

  1. You (introducer) fill out necessary information and sign on the bottom of "Refer a Friend Campaign Order Form". At this time, please make an entry your E-mail clearly because we would like to inform you the coupon number by E-mail
  2. Please send the form to your frined by Fax or E-mail.
  3. Your "Friend" fills out necessary information and check order items on the form.
  4. Your "Friend" can order the items under 20% discount with the complete order form to Cosmo Bio or Our distributors.
  5. After receiving your friend's order, we would like to issue the 20% discount coupon code and inform you (introducer) by E-mail.
  6. You (introducer) can use the 20% coupon number when you order the items.
  7. The coupon number will be valid until 6 months after the issued date.

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Product List
Description Cat. No. Size
Anti CD9 antibody CAC-SHI-EXO-M01 50UL
Anti CD9 antibody CAC-SHI-EXO-M01 100UL
Anti CD63 antibody CAC-SHI-EXO-M02 50UL
Anti CD63 antibody CAC-SHI-EXO-M02 100UL
Anti CD81 antibody CAC-SHI-EXO-M03 50UL
Anti CD81 antibody CAC-SHI-EXO-M03 100UL
ExoTrap™ Exosome Isolation Spin Column Kit for Protein Research CSR-SHI-EXO-K010 10PREP