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10% OFF!! Anti Collagen Ⅳ products discount campaign [Campaign Code: 1084]

This Offer starts from June 1st to September 30th,
Except for USA customers. Customers in the USA, please contact Cosmo Bio USA, Inc

Anti Human Collagen IV α Chain Monoclonal antibodies

Eptope-defined monoclonal antibodies against the NC1 domains of α1 - α6 (IV) chains of type-IV collagen are against the triple-helical domain. These epitope-defined monoclonal antibodies against different site of the collagen mokecule are useful for research on type-IV collagen and diagnosis of hereditary disease related to this collagen because of their reliability.
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Product List
Description Cat. No. Size List Price Discount Campaign Price
Fluorochrome-conjugated Anti Collagen IV SGE-CFT45325 1ML ¥55,000 10% ¥49,500
Anti Collagen 4 ALPHA2(IV),Clone:H25 SGE-C425 500UL ¥28,000 10% ¥25,200
Texas Red-conjugated Anti Collagen 4 ALPHA2(IV),Clone:H25 SGE-CFT425 500UL ¥32,000 10% ¥28,800
Anti Collagen 4 ALPHA5(IV),Clone:B51 SGE-C451 500UL ¥28,000 10% ¥25,200
FITC-conjugated Anti Collagen 4 ALPHA5(IV),Clone:B51 SGE-CFT451 500UL ¥32,000 10% ¥28,800
Anti Collagen IV ALPHA5(IV) Chain,Clone:H52 SGE-C452 500UL ¥28,000 10% ¥25,200
Anti Collagen IV ALPHA5(IV) Chain,Clone:H53 SGE-C453 500UL ¥28,000 10% ¥25,200
FITC-conjugated Anti Collagen 4 ALPHA5(IV),Clone:H53 SGE-CFT453 500UL ¥32,000 10% ¥28,800