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MAX 20% OFF!! PUREfrex New-Year campaign [Code: 1080]

This Offer starts from January 1, 2018 to April 30, 2018
Except for USA customers. Customers in the USA, please contact Cosmo Bio USA, Inc

Reconstituted Cell-Free Protein Synthesis System

Regular kit for the protein synthesis capable of selecting a reducing reagent
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Product List
Description Cat. No. Size List Price Discount Campaign Price
PUREfrex®2.0 GFK-PF201-0.25-EX 1KIT ¥15,000 10% ¥13,500
PUREfrex®2.0 GFK-PF201-0.25-5-EX 1KIT ¥65,000 20% ¥52,000
PUREfrex®2.1 GFK-PF213-0.25-EX 1KIT ¥15,000 10% ¥13,500
PUREfrex®2.1 GFK-PF213-0.25-5-EX 1KIT ¥65,000 20% ¥52,000