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Autophagy antibody products 30% discount campaign[Campaign Code: 1075]

This Offer starts from July 1, 2017 to November 30, 2017
Except for USA customers. Customers in the USA, please contact Cosmo Bio USA, Inc

Anti Autophagy antibodies

Useful for the research of a role in apoptosis, mitochondrial morphology and autophagy.
Read more about a variety of data.

Product List
Description Cat. No. Size List Price Discount Campaign Price
Anti LC3 CAC-CTB-LC3-1-50 50ug ¥50,000 30% ¥35,000
Anti LC3 CAC-CTB-LC3-2-IC 50ug ¥60,000 30% ¥42,000
Anti ATG7 CAC-CTB-AT7-M01 50ug ¥50,000 30% ¥35,000
Anti BIF1 CAC-CTB-BF-M01-W 50ug ¥50,000 30% ¥35,000
Anti Gtr2 BAM-62-351-EX 100ul ¥33,000 30% ¥23,100